What is El Camino?

ca·mi·no - {noun} - way · route · bypath · road· path · track · trail

Everyone's El Camino bracelet is unique. It's a representation of the path you've travelled around the world.

A glimpse at your wrist can tell 1000 stories...

We love travelling, we know how addictive it can be and that's why we started El Camino. Each country you've visited is an accomplishment and the country's name becomes more than just a name to you but a memory of everything you experienced there. Your El Camino is a way to keep track of the countries you have travelled to. It's a reminder to you, your friends and people you meet along the way of the memories you've created all over the world.

Quality products: We take pride in everything we produce here at El Camino HQ. That's why we only use the finest materials for all of our products. From the high strength cord used to make the bracelets to the glass Region Steps, which are both hand made in England. Hand polished surgical grade stainless steel is used to make the clasps, Country Steps and Small Steps. Our spacers are all made from Coconut, a sustainable resource.

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