Custom Steps with El Camino

Want more memories of your time spent travelling? Add personal touches by customising a Step on your El Camino.

Did you meet amazing people while at a hostel in Costa Rica and spend the most unforgettable days together? Maybe you went to Thailand with your best friends and had the time of your life? Or maybe you celebrated your 21st birthday on a beach in Croatia?... No matter what the experience, there are certain moments in life you never want to forget.

Personalise a Step to add to your El Camino, do it for yourself or do it with friends. The Step could tell a thousand stories that make you smile. It can say ANYTHING...(there's space for up to 32 characters on Small Steps and 29 characters on Country Steps)

Below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Festivals, parties or big events
  • Favourite cities, places, beaches, parks, buildings
  • Jokes or memories with friends and family
  • Celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings)

Here are some examples of Custom Steps that people have ordered before:

"Glastonbury 2015", "To live is to travel", "Wanderlust", "Full Moon Party 2014", "Rio Insanity 2014", "Whistler Season 2013-14", "London Olympics 2012", "Bali Surf 2009","Safe Travels xx", "Coachella 2011" etc...

Order your Custom Steps here.

Custom Step Image