Custom Steps with El Camino

We can custom make Steps to say anything you’d like. The perfect gift for someone special and a great way to personalise your El Camino.

These can represent people you’ve met on your travels, special birthdays, festivals, big events, proposals, favourite places or celebrations. No matter what the experience, there are certain moments in life you never want to forget.

The Custom Step can tell a thousand stories that make you smile. It can say ANYTHING (there's space for up to 32 characters on Small Steps and 29 characters on Country Steps).

    Here are some examples of Custom Steps that people have ordered before:

      • Glastonbury 2019
      • Chicago
      • Yosemite National Park
      • "To live is to travel"
      • Graduation 2020
      • Thailand Full Moon Party 2022
      • Whistler Season 2018-19
      • Happy 40th Birthday - Bali
      • Ha Long Bay 2018
      • Cancun Honeymoon 2011
      • Hollywood
      • Safe Travels xx
      • Caribbean Cruise 2023
      • Coachella 2022

    Order your Custom Steps here.

    Custom Step Image

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