Getting Started with El Camino

1/ Choose your El Camino Bracelet or Necklace.

Here's where it all starts!

This can be a tough choice! All our bracelets and necklaces are handmade in England. They're available in 4 different colours (look out for limited edition colours) and you can choose from either double or single bracelets. Our necklaces are available in one size and are adjustable.

Bracelets: The clasp is made from the finest surgical grade stainless steel and then engraved with the El Camino logo. The band is constructed from 4 woven cords, each with a breaking strain of over 34kgs... This bracelet is built to withstand everything you come across during your travels!

Necklaces: There are two surgical grade stainless steel, engraved, signature El Camino Steps built into our necklaces - a larger removable one at the front, below where your Steps will be placed, and a smaller permanent one at the back, towards the end of the cord. Our necklaces are woven from the same super-strong cord as our bracelets.

You can find the full range of El Camino bracelets here and necklaces here.

El Camino Bracelets and Necklaces

2/ Select your Country Steps!

Pick which Country Steps you wish to add to your El Camino, we have 240 different Country Steps, so we’re pretty sure the Step you need will be there! To make it easier for you, our Country Steps are sorted into alphabetical order. Choose which category you need, A - D, E - L, M - R, S - Z or just use the search facility near the top of your screen.

Our Country Steps are made from the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel, engraved and hand polished. 

El Camino Country Steps

3/ And some Small Steps...

Our ever-changing range of Small Steps represent popular destinations which aren't countries. London, Paris and New York City are just a few examples of Small Steps we produce. Check out the full range here!

Our Small Steps are made from the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel, engraved and hand polished. 

El Camino Small Steps

4/ How about a Custom Step or two?!

You should add a Custom Step to your El Camino! We make these Steps to say ANYTHING (within 32 characters) you'd like! More information about our Custom Steps can be found here.

Our Custom Steps are made from the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel, engraved and hand polished. 

El Camino Custom Steps

5/ Add your Region Steps!

Mark the regions that you've visited by adding Region Steps to your El Camino! Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Scandinavia and South America are your options. Each region is represented by a different colour.

Collecting 4 or 5 Region Steps is a big achievement... Imagine collecting all 12?!

Region Steps are handmade in England and then engraved with the El Camino logo. 

You can find our full range of Region Steps here.

El Camino Region Steps

6/ And some Adventure Steps!

A couple of Adventure Steps would look great on your El Camino!

Choose from Mountains, Waves or Arrows and don't forget to keep an eye out for new additions to the collection.

Find them all here.

Our Adventure Steps are made from the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel, engraved and hand polished.

El Camino Adventure Steps

7/ Now for some Ocean Steps!

Use Ocean Steps to remind you of the oceans you’ve swam in, surfed, scuba dived, sailed, cruised, flown over, dipped your toe in, or even just your favourite. The options are endless and completely up to you!

Ocean Steps represent the five world oceans - Artic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Southern Ocean.

Our Ocean Steps are handmade from glass in England and then laser engraved with the El Camino logo.

You can find the full range of Ocean Steps here.

8/ Time for Spacers...

Add some extra coconut or wooden spacers to your El Camino.

These are guaranteed to make your El Camino look even better than it already does!

All our spacers are hand cut and then engraved with the El Camino logo.

Spacers don't get any better than this! Check them out here.

El Camino Spacers

Your El Camino is never finished!

Keep on going, keep on travelling... Carry on adding Steps to your El Camino as you travel the world, making the places you've visited and the memories you've created more permanent for you, your friends and anyone else you run into in the El Camino family.

Once your El Camino bracelet is full, order a new bracelet to represent your continued journey!

You can continue to wear your full El Camino in addition to your new one. Or leave it somewhere safe, maybe somewhere on display so you can be reminded of your travel experiences. As you travel around the world, each of your El Camino bracelets will be full of stories and memories which will never leave your side.

Happy Travels, from all of the El Camino team!

Check out the El Camino Store.

Black El Camino Bracelet