The El Camino Story

We first had the idea for a bracelet that could record our travels, adventures and experiences whilst hiking the coastline between Barcelona and Monaco in 2013. That summer was spent pitching our tent in extraordinary places, walking, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and scheming over campfires.

Our Story 1

On returning to Tom’s parents’ home in Oxfordshire we began to handmake a few of the bracelets that we’d talked about, with beads engraved by a local craftsman to show the destinations and dates of adventures that the wearer had been on. The original batch of bracelets were given to close friends and family and we chose the name, El Camino, to pay homage to the Spanish roots of the project.

Our Story 2

Much time has passed since the first drawings of an El Camino bracelet were created in a tent near Sa Tuna. Today the beads or ‘Steps’ are still engraved by the same man in Oxfordshire, but our company headquarters are on the north coast of Cornwall. Wearers can now choose from four different colours of bracelet or necklace, adding Steps from over 200 different countries, countless destinations, regions, seas, adventures and the five world oceans.

Our Story 3

Throughout this time, we have stayed true to our roots and our philosophy has remained the same. Every single bracelet and necklace is still handmade, with quality products and lots of love, in the UK.

Our goal for the future is simple: To continue making memories across the globe and sharing our inspiration with other travellers.

Our Story Final

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