The El Camino Story

Whilst hiking the beautiful coastal route between Barcelona and Monaco, two passionate travellers came up with the idea of a bracelet which could record their previous travels, adventures and experiences. The El Camino Bracelets concept was born…

These two travellers were Tom, from England and Candace, from Canada. Their latest adventure saw them departing Barcelona early in May with the loose aim of reaching Monaco, sometime before the end of the summer. Other than this, there was no set route, time scale or itinerary. This is how Tom and Candace liked to travel, the more basic the plan, the more chance of adventure unfolding as their travels progressed.

Our Story 1

They carried a small tent which they slept in every night, this tent was pitched in many extraordinary places throughout the summer, from forests to cliff tops to the grounds of abandoned villas. One thing was common though – the complete lack of electricity and technology allowed a lot of time for talking, thinking and drawing.

It was on a sunny evening in late June, whilst Tom and Candace were pitching their tent amongst some trees, near Sa Tuna, when talk of a bracelet project that fellow travellers could use to record their tales of wanderlust began. The thought that this project could one day become a business venture had not even crossed their minds. It was simply a fun idea that friends, friends of friends and family would love and that would undoubtedly lead to great conversation, when comparing bracelets and stories of past adventures.

Our Story 2

The rest of the summer passed in a flash, Tom and Candace were left with amazing memories of walking, hitch-hiking, camp fires, swimming in the crystal clear Mediterranean ocean and breath taking views of the Costa Brava. However, the flame for a travel bracelet project was still burning more brightly than ever.

The pair returned to leafy Oxfordshire, where Tom had grown up. They began to hand make a few of these bracelets which they had dreamt about whilst travelling through Spain. The original batch of bracelets were given to close friends and family. On these bracelets were beads which had been engraved by a local man, to show the destinations and dates of adventures that the wearer had been on.

Our Story 3

Quickly, word of these bracelets began to spread. It was at this point Tom and Candace decided to name the project. After much thought and discussion with anyone who’d care to listen, it was decided that “El Camino” was to be the chosen name. With a nod to the Spanish roots of the project, El Camino, in Spanish means the route, bypath, road, path, track or trail. The perfect word to capture everything the bracelet project stood for.

Much time has passed since the first drawings of an El Camino bracelet were created in a tent near Sa Tuna. However, El Camino, Tom and Candace have stayed true to their roots and their philosophy has remained the same. Every single bracelet is still handmade with lots of love across the UK, every single Step is engraved by the same man just down the road, and every single glass Region Step is handmade in the English countryside.

Our Story Final

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