The Complete Guide to Visiting Morzine in 2024

The Complete Guide to Visiting Morzine in 2024

Bonjour mes amis!

It’s Candace here, one of the founders of El Camino. As some of you know, I’ve spent my winters in Morzine for the past four years. It’s become home and I absolutely love it. Originally I came for the snowboarding but I quickly discovered the amazing community here and the endless amount of things to do. 

Every time a friend or a friend-of-a-friend is coming to Morzine, I get a message - “I’m coming to Morzine! Where is best to ski/eat/après/etc?” I love these questions, as I love sharing my favourite spots and helping people make the most of their time here in Morzine, showing them why so many people have fallen in love with this wonderful mountain town.

I keep all my suggestions in my Notes on my phone, which I send over to anyone on their way to the beautiful Morzine. So I thought… why not make it available to the lovely El Camino community too.

A mountain dog playing in the snow in Morzine

Just a quick note to say that the below guide is made based on my personal experiences, there are lots of other lovely options and businesses in Morzine that I’m yet to explore myself. :) 

How to get to Morzine

If flying, the closest airport is Geneva, which is just over an hour drive to Morzine. From there you can book a transfer with companies like Getaway Vans, Alpybus or Skiidy Gonzalez that will bring you the rest of the way to Morzine. 

There are also trains (to Thonon-les-Bains) and buses that will get you to Morzine. 

If taking a train, make sure to check out Montagne Verte’s AlpinExpress Pass. The AlpinExpress Pass is a booklet of exclusive discounts available to those who travel to resort via train. It’s another awesome incentive to minimize your carbon footprint! :) 

Another option to check out is the ride sharing Facebook group, Morzine Co-Voiturage. Your travel times might coincide with another traveller to or from the mountain!

Taxis & Busses In Resort

Morzine Free Shuttle - Morzine Bus Timetable 2023/24
Last Van Standing - +33 (0)785 95 6508
Getaway Vans – Sunday to Friday from 18:00 - 02:00
Mountain Bus Company – Monday to Friday from 18:00 - 02:00

Accommodation in Morzine

Hideout Hostel - from just €38 a night B&B, great place to meet people, they even give you local prices at some of the bars

If you're looking for a catered or self-catered chalet, you can check out Treeline Chalets

Otherwise, I'd recommend looking around the internet for the best deal you can find!

Equipment Rental and Lessons

If you’re looking to rent skis or snowboards you can check out AMR (All Mountain Rental). They stock a large range of ski and snowboard equipment for beginners through to experts. They have premium ski and snowboard hire and also deliver directly to you! You can also try Doorstep Skis.

Need a lesson or some extra tips? There are a lot of great companies in resort. From experience, I can highly recommend Snow Tribe, Real Snowboarding, Mint Snowboarding and Gypsy Snowboarding.

Girl snowboarding down mountain

Where to ski in Morzine?

You have so many options! Morzine is part of the Portes du Soleil, one of the largest linked ski areas in the world. From the town centre, you can take the Pleney bubble to access the Les Gets/Morzine/Nyon side or on the opposite side of town you can take the Super Morzine gondola which takes you onto Avoriaz and the rest of the Portes du Soleil.

Above all - Morzine is a great destination for skiing beginners and pros! For a full detailed report on the skiing in Morzine, check out SeeMorzine. They do a great job explaining all the options.

The Best Après Ski in Morzine?

Everyone deserves a little celebration/relaxation after a day on the mountain. Why not celebrate with a beverage or maybe a little boogie at the best après bars in Morzine. 

In Town

Cavern - inside, live music everyday 5pm & 9pm, they sell Brewdog
Bar Robinson (aka Robbos)- more relaxed vibes, bottom of Rue du Bourg, they serve Mutzig (strong beer, don’t say I didn’t warn you), outdoor patio with indoor seating as well
Le Local - live music, free wifi, great staff, cocktails, dog friendly, yummy food, best place in Morzine to watch sports - football, rugby, Formula 1, etc 

Super Morzine/Avoriaz – Ski in/out

Happy Hours - bottom of Ardent gondola, music every day, consistent buses to bring you back to Morzine, keep an eye on their Instagram for updates
L'Passage - just above Super Morzine, awesome staff, sometimes djs but always a great place for a drink in the sunshine
La Folie Douce - in Avoriaz, always a party, a bit expensive but they put on a great show

Les Gets/Morzine – Ski in/out

Le Tremplin - outside, bottom of the Pleney in Morzine, live music/djs
Le Vaffieu - top of Belvedere chairlift, in the sunshine, occasional djs, keep an eye on their Instagram for updates
L'Aprèski Bar Resto - open-air bar, bottom of mountain in Les Gets

A classic cheese fondue in Morzine

Where to eat in Morzine?

French Cuisine

Ferme de la Fruitère, L’Escargot, La Remise, L’Étale, La Grange, Le Clin d'Oeil

Great Vegan/Vegetarian Options

Bec Jaune, Wild Beets, Hideout, Satellite, SolideChangabang (on the mountain vegetarian options in Avoriaz), Au P'tit CasseIbex - The Wood Yard


L’Improviste (favourite pizza ever), Chez Per'Syl (a little hut with French local vibes), Gusto e basta, Morzine Eats (food delivery in Morzine)

Sunday Roast

Alba Bar and Restaurant in Saint-Jean-d'Aulps, Hotel du Lac beside Lac de Montriond


Au Bon CoinPapa RenardLe Local, Ô ChaletIbex - The Wood Yard,

Want to eat in the comfort of your home or chalet? Pas de problème (not a problem).

Private Chefs/Catering

Grace Frost (grace_frost@ hotmail., The Chef's Cellar, Bon App


El Chatlén (empanadas), Chez Shafty (open till 2am), Poppy'sL’ImprovisteChez Per'SylGusto e bastaMorzine Eats (food delivery in Morzine)

Where To Go Out In Morzine?


Poppy’sLe Local, The Haka Bar


Bec Jaune (local brewery, games available), Cavern (local beers and Brewdog), Ibex - The Wood YardThe Dixie Bar (large selection)
*Keep a lookout for Ibex beers - local brewery - support local


Le Coup de Coeur, La Chaudanne (basement wine bar)

Live Music

Cavern, Tibetan, Haka BarLe Local, Le Coup de CoeurThe Dixie Bar (check to see if the Dixie Micks are in town!)

I want to dance!

Cafe ChaudCavernTibetan, Opera (late-late night option… if you’re ‘out-out’) 

A night in Cafe Chaud with live music

Rainy Day or Rest Day Options


Satellite, SolideKamado Kitchen, ColibriAu P'tit Casse 
*(oat milk = lait d'avoine, in French!)


Montagne Verte*, Honey Shop, The Woods, Slopestyle
*Montagne Verte is a charity that develops solutions for the region of Morzine to reduce its environmental impact. Their shop at 162 Rue du Bourg is one of the best second hand clothes shop I've been to.

Wild Swimming

Nyon waterfall, Lac de Montriond, River Dranse in the Dérêches

Gym and Yoga

Project PerformanceMorzine Gym, Yoga Morzine Studio

Extra Special/Something Different

You can never get bored in Morzine, there is an endless amount of things to do other than skiing or snowboarding.

Daytime Activities

If you're after an adrenaline rush why not try paragliding over Morzine or ice diving in Lake Montriond. Though if you're looking to stay grounded, there are so many different walking and hiking trails to explore in your boots or by snowshoe. To see amazing birds, make sure to check out the Birds of Prey show in Nyon. Wanting to unwind and chill? Treat yourself to a spa day in Les Gets

Need an indoor activity and feel like a challenge? Check out the The Morzine Escape Room Experience, open everyday from 9:30 to 23:00. 

Nighttime Activities

I highly recommend checking out Alta Lumina in Les Gets, where a story is told through amazing lights, imagery, and music, as you walk through an enchanted forest. Get involved with the locals at an ice hockey game and support the Morzine Penguins. Buy your tickets online, as it often sells out! 

Not ready to take your snow boots off? Take yourself night sledging (luge nocturne) on a 4km descent down the Pleney. It can get a little crazy!

Group of skiers and dog overlooking the mountains in Morzine

Morzine Social Media Accounts to Follow

If you have any questions that you'd like to ask the Morzine community, check out the Facebook Group Morzine Crew - Talk to me!.

Instagram accounts to follow for Morzine updates are avoriaz1800_officiel, morzinesourcemagazine, and morzineofficiel.

Extra Contacts

For childcare in Morzine, get in touch with Ally from A-Range Childcare.

Need something repaired? Get in touch with Alpine Alternations - don't ditch it, stitch it!

Looking to get a tattoo in Morzine, check out Morzine Tattoo Studio, for talented artists such as Liane Green

Time for a haircut, get in touch with Steady Eddies

Improve your French skills with Alpine French School

Need a stretched tent for an event or wedding, get in touch with Luke at Alpine Intent.

If you're wanting to book an unforgettable corporate holiday make sure to get in touch with Corporate Peaks. They are the best at what they do!

So… is Morzine worth visiting?

100% Yes! I’ve been coming back to Morzine for over 4 years, and I discover something new that I love everytime.

I could go into more detail about everything listed above but I wanted the list to be short and punchy - a quick reference to help you find what you might be looking for, all with links to pages with more information.

Have the best time and please share your adventures with us. We can't wait to hear about your time in Morzine and what you get up to. :)

And to top it off, we have a Morzine Small Step that can be added to your El Camino to ensure these special memories never leave you. 

Happy travels! 

El Camino bracelet with Mountain and Morzine Step


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