Beeswax Wraps from The Beeswax Wrap Co

Our favourite Sustainable Gifts for Travel Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner and here at El Camino we’ve been seeking out some thoughtful gifts to share with our nearest and dearest. Whether that’s to simply send a little cheer, or splash out on a grander gesture, we’ve chosen our favourite sustainable gifts for travel lovers that we wanted to share with you too.

Giving one of these eco-friendly gifts is sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. As well as being great, sustainable products, each has an inspirational story behind the brand. They’re British made or designed and set a lot of store on their people and production process.

Beeswax Wraps from The Beeswax Wrap Co

Beeswax Wraps from The Beeswax Wrap Co, from £10

Launched in 2017, we love the whole ethos of The Beeswax Wrap Co. Their wax wraps were created in a bid to help cut as much plastic as possible from our day to day lives. The long-lasting, eco-friendly wraps keep food fresh and can even be used in the fridge and freezer. They're made with natural materials and are compostable and biodegradable at the end of their life. Uses range from covering leftovers and wrapping sarnies to packing a soap bar for travelling. Wraps come in a range of fun patterns and cost from just £10 for two. The team have helpfully curated a range of gift bundles too, which can be posted straight to the recipient.

Reusable Travel Cups from Circular & Co

Reusable Travel Cups from Circular & Co, from £11

The world's first reusable coffee cup made from single-use paper cups, the Circular & Co travel mug is robust and versatile too. It’s 100 per cent leakproof (trust us, we’ve accidentally tipped a full vessel up inside a bag) and insulated to protect hands and keep drinks warm. The company guarantees that after 10 years of use, cups can be returned to be recycled and regenerated into another Circular Cup. Cafes and take away establishments may have struggled to accept reusable cups since the start of Covid-19, but we’re beginning to see more and more places able to safely do so. During the life of one Circular Cup, 17 billion single-use cups will have been saved from use: by buying a Circular & Co cup you’re gifting a promise of a more sustainable future at the very least.

Perpetual Calendars from Once Upon a Tuesday

Perpetual Calendars from Once Upon a Tuesday, from £12.95

As well as having an intriguing name, Once Upon a Tuesday has hit upon a great idea for thoughtful gifting. Perpetual celebration calendars are for marking special dates on the wall, year after year after year. Undated and beautifully designed, this sustainable stationery is for keeps, a great way to see what birthdays and events are coming up, and dream about how to celebrate them. The calendars are printed using 80% renewable energy and vegetable-based inks and come in 10 different designs.

Travel Bracelets from El Camino

Travel Bracelets from El Camino, from £21.99

Of course, we couldn’t write a list of our favourite travel gifts without including the El Camino original, customisable travel bracelet! Since launching we have stayed true to our roots and our philosophy has remained the same: Every single bracelet and necklace is still handmade in the UK with quality products, and lots of love. What better way to gift someone a promise of future travels or celebrate those special places already visited? Plus, you’ll be giving a gift with no end. The wearer can add Country Steps, Small Steps (like Barcelona or Brecon Beacons) or a Custom Step to say absolutely anything you want. There are also Ocean, Sea and Region Steps to collect.

Travel Packs from Millican

Travel Packs from Millican, from £22

In a world of fast fashion, Millican was founded on the idea of making a better choice for the bag on your back, creating sustainable lifelong companions for conscious travellers. We love their range of daypacks and rucksacks, but if you’re looking for an entry-level investment in this excellent brand then put one of their wash bags or set of handy packing cubes on your wish list. The Core collection is created from 100% recycled PET fabric and includes a practical, lined and easily cleaned travel wash bag in a choice of four colours. Meanwhile, the Maverick packing cubes are waterproof, made from 100% recycled polyester and come in three sizes, perfect for keeping order amongst your gear whilst on the road.

Fingerless Gloves from Turtle Doves

Fingerless Gloves from Turtle Doves, from £26

If like us, you get chilly paws in winter when tapping away at the laptop, these recycled cashmere gloves are simply the best. Made from pre-loved cashmere knitwear, these super soft and cosy companions are versatile fingerless gloves and wrist warmers rolled into one, ideal for musicians, photographers, artists and craftspeople. The company claims that every pair is unique, and they come in a rainbow of colours. Their lovely range also includes neck warmers, bed socks, ankle warmers and beanie hats as well as throws and booties, hats, mitts and blankets for new-borns, making sure the whole family is covered. 

Wooden Bellyboards from Dick Pearce Bellyboards

Wooden Bellyboards from Dick Pearce Bellyboards, from £50

“Wood is good” is the mantra of the guys at Dick Pearce Bellyboards. The original way of wave riding, bellyboarding is the oldest form of surfing, originating from Hawaii and the Polynesian islands. The father of British bellyboarding, Dick Pearce, launched his company in the 1960s in South Molton, Devon. For fifty years he stuck to the family’s time-honoured production methods and materials and refused to compromise on quality, making boards to last a lifetime. Since acquiring the company in 2010, current World Bellyboard Champion Jamie Johnstone has stuck to the same ethos, leading a strong revival with a modern audience. Easier than surfing, bellyboarding can be enjoyed by people of any age, in most conditions. Better still, these brightly coloured wooden boards are way better for the planet than their polystyrene counterparts (flatter to pack, they’re also great travel companions).

We’d love to hear of any other great travel gifting ideas you’ve come across.


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