Jenny at El Camino Bracelets

Meet our customer services superstar - Jenny

Jenny in the El Camino Bracelets office

What’s your role at El Camino? 

I wear lots of different hats at El Camino! Anything from helping to prepare your EC orders, customer service, to managing the day-to-day of the EC office. Sometimes it can just be about having a chat with our posties so we can sneak a few more of your orders out as quickly as we can!

What’s it like working in the El Camino office? Do you have a favourite part of the job?

Dreamy! We’re a smooth running machine; business and team wise. Candace and Tom are so hands on, it’s incredible to be involved with a company that cares. Which leads me onto my favourite part of working here – getting to speak to our awesome EC Family. Each El Camino has such a special and different meaning to their owners, I feel privileged having the chance to hear some of your EC stories.

Jenny on the phone at El Camino Bracelets

Are you from Cornwall? If not, why did you move here?

No, but it’s certainly home now. I’d visited so many times; I knew it was a beautiful place to be. The decision to make the move followed shortly after I discovered surfing.

How does working with the EC team compare with previous jobs you've had?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some inspirational people on some amazing teams in the past. However, what Candace and Tom have created at EC is so special. Together everyone achieves more. :)

The El Camino Bracelets team

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

If I’m not helping in the EC office, you can probably find me in the sea. I’m really lucky to live in a place I love with one of my biggest passions (surfing) on my doorstep. I try not to take that for granted!

Jenny surfing

If money was no object, where would you spend a month and what would you do?

I think a polar expedition. Probably the South Pole for the penguins. I might need a little more than a month too!

What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

Getting dropped part way along a flooded road in the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan, with two friends and only the belongings on our backs. And just a scraped together idea that there was a valley nearby we wanted to explore! I can’t advocate enough for putting yourself outside your comfort zone - especially when travelling.

What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten whilst travelling?

Tajikistan actually has a couple of special mentions here too. Thinking you’ve ordered the safe option at road side cafes, only to be served mystery meat! I also got to churn my own butter for supper with a family than manned a weather station in the Pamir Mountains. That was pretty surreal. However the most unusual I would definitely award to durian fruit which I had the pleasure to sample in Malaysia. If you’ve ever tried it - or been anywhere near it - you’ll understand why. I’ll try anything once...but I won’t be trying durian fruit again!

What is your favourite travel memory? 

So very, very many, it’s impossible to single just one out. A few from near the top of the list (if I really had to pick!) are seeing giraffes fighting in the wild in Namibia, baby turtles flapping towards me while snorkelling in Borneo, and probably sleeping opposite Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala. I couldn’t even choose a favourite from those!

Jenny loves an adventure

What's the most interesting accommodation you've stayed in whilst travelling?

This has to be a homestay in a Longhouse in Borneo. It’s such a unique memory, especially since I got to share this one with my Dad. I think we learnt as much about the culture in one night as we did the rest of the trip.

Jenny in Borneo

There’s a distant memory of a night in an Uzbekistan truck stop that left much to be desired too!

Where did your latest adventure take you and do you have a favourite memory from it?

Myanmar (Burma). This beautiful country had been a wish for so many years, and it certainly wasn’t a disappointment. I had my best travel buddy with me too - my Dad! He usually lets me take the reins, so I had the chance to create a very special memory on this trip. One morning, we packed our bags and got ready for what my Dad believed would be a 10km hike through the rainforest. Instead, we went to get up close and personal with his favourite animals at Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp!

I think I’m still allowed to take the reins on our next trip. :)

Jenny helping Elephants in Burma


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