El Camino Macramé

El Camino X Macramé

Whilst this year has no doubt been an unpredictable whirlwind, we’ve been so grateful to see so much positivity from the El Camino community. From customers submitting the most wonderful reviews to sharing their ultimate travel wishlist, we’ve been afforded the time to reminisce about our favourite adventures.

One way we have been able to keep our wanderlust burning bright is by brushing up on some of our crafting skills, and trying out the techniques we have seen during our travels. During lockdown we decided to try our hand at the decorative art of macramé. Though our bracelets are made using macramé, we were ready to advance our skills. Like most people, we searched Youtube for some inspiring tutorials to help us get to grips with the meticulous arrangements of knots and weaving techniques - and tried our best!

El Camino X Macramé

Our lovely team member Zoe thought it would be a great idea to use our El Camino Steps to personalise a macramé piece to tell the story of her and her fiancé – including the Steps that represent their family origins, followed by all the destinations they’ve travelled and made memories together.

Now, we consider ourselves to be pretty proficient in all things travelling - but to create a macramé piece of art, we knew we needed to reach out to the experts!

We were delighted that Jotopie, a macramé master from Germany, fell in love with our Ocean Step Collection which lead to her creating an ocean-inspired wall hanging.

We love how Jotopie artfully created elegant wave-like detailing within her wall hanging! She chose to incorporate our Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean Steps within her macramé work, to reflect her personal travel story. Jotopie also opted for a Custom Step reading “let the sea set you free” which we love!

In addition to Jotopie’s stunning wall hanging, we were fortunate enough to work with the super-talented Rachel, who is based in America.

Rachel’s inspiration came from her love of scuba diving and travelling, and created a fantastic wall-hanging using driftwood and natural rope. Flexing her creative muscles, Rachel also produced an intricate keychain featuring Custom Steps detailing her wedding date and children’s birthdates, for that extra personal touch.

We are so grateful to have worked with two macramé artists, who share our love of travel and have channelled their creativity into producing these tutorials - with fantastic results! We have loved working with both Rachel and Jotopie, being able to share ideas and learn from them has been such a fun experience that we couldn’t wait to share with you all.

Are you feeling inspired? Don't forget to share your El Camino macramé creations with us.


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