Pig Beach

Bucket list destinations for right now

It feels like it’s been forever, but travel is finally back on the agenda. With all the plans and trips cancelled and postponed over the last couple of years, our travel wish list is long. So here at El Camino HQ, we’ve decided to start bucket list bracelets, the perfect excuse to get plotting adventures once more.

Why not join us in staking an intention to get back on that travel horse by collecting Steps for the destinations you can’t wait to visit. We’ve compiled the following roundup of bucket list places to whet your appetite, and El Camino founders Tom and Candace have kicked things off with their personal picks.

Tom’s travel bucket list

“My choices are mostly about experiencing new places, epic scenery and great adventures.”

  1. Pig Beach, Bahamas, to swim with pigs
  2. Alaska, to explore the wilderness
  3. Cuba, a return trip but there is so much more to explore
  4. Japan, to go somewhere completely different
  5. New Zealand, for the snowy mountains and beautiful beaches
Pig Beach

Candace’s travel bucket list

“I really got into freediving the last year, so a lot of my bucket list destinations are around that. I also love hiking, snowboarding, surfing, swimming and anything outdoors, so these activities feature highly too.”

  1. Patagonia, Argentina, for hiking, snowboarding and exploring
  2. Sri Lanka, for surf, adventure and freediving with blue whales
  3. The Cayman Islands for free diving and tropical beaches
  4. Norway, for the whales, skiing, swimming, hiking and camping
  5. New Zealand, for adventure, hiking and van tripping

Sri Lankan Adventures

Here are six more suggestions to get you started:

St Vincent and the Grenadines

With Virgin Atlantic having recently launched a new flight from London to St Vincent and the Grenadines, it won’t be long before travellers are beating a path to this friendly volcanic isle and its picture-perfect archipelago. Located to the west of Barbados, the territory consists of the lush, mountainous main island of St Vincent and a chain of 32 smaller islands. A popular sailing destination, the island nation’s key claim to fame is as the movie location for Pirates of the Caribbean. That and playing host to the rich and famous – Princess Margaret, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Bill Gates to name a few – on the private island of Mustique. But don’t be put off by this exclusive party spot, the locals are super welcoming and the vibe suitably chilled. Go for the hiking, snorkelling, diving and rum-drinking on desert islands, just like Johnny Depp.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines


The release of Kenneth Branagh’s remake of the Agatha Christie classic, Death on the Nile, is set to spark renewed interest in travel to Egypt. Movie-goers may be surprised to discover that much of the film was shot in the UK, unlike its 1978 predecessor. But while the stellar cast may have stayed on British shores, a second unit was tasked with filming along the Nile, the real star of the film. This sultry and exotic backdrop to the action aboard the steamer SS Karnak is sure to inspire wanderlust. It's not just about stylish river cruises: This year Egypt marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Tomb of Tutankhamun. It will also see the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, showcasing the entire Tutankhamun collection.


Yellowstone National Park, USA

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Yellowstone National Park, the world's first. The core of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Yellowstone is one of the largest nearly intact natural ecosystems on the planet. The anniversary year will see groundbreakings on two of the largest historic preservation projects in North America. The park is home to around half the world's active geysers including Old Faithful, as well as lush forests and dramatic canyons. Put this on your bucket list for wildlife spotting, from grizzly bears to bison, river rafting and sleeping under the stars.

Yellowstone National Park

Galápagos Islands

The world's largest marine biosphere reserve is set to expand more than 20,000 square miles this year. Made famous by Charles Darwin's visit, this wildlife mecca offers an incredible number of animal encounters. Here you can swim with sea lions, snorkel with turtles and spot mockingbirds, flamingos and hawks. There are inquisitive giant tortoises, penguins and dolphins too, plus white-sand beaches lapped by warm, turquoise water. It's no wonder that the Galapagos are a must-visit destination for lovers of the natural world.

Galápagos Islands

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Australia's international borders have finally reopened, great news for those of us who've long dreamt of heading Down Under to marvel at iconic sights including Uluru and Sydney Opera House. There's an even better reason to make a beeline for the northern state of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, which this year sees the introduction of day trips with indigenous guides to learn about conservation efforts direct from the traditional landowners.

Great Barrier Reef

Let us know if you share any of our shortlist, or where we’ve missed!

Once you’ve ticked off your desired destinations, don’t forget to move your newly acquired Steps to your regular bracelet of treasured places you’ve visited around the world.

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