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5 cruises we want to book right now

5 cruises we want to book right now

It’s official, cruises are big news. They’re everywhere you look, from Susan Calman’s cruise adventures on TV to Royal Caribbean’s nine-month cruise on TikTok. Whether you’re one of the thirty-one million passengers who embarked on a cruise last year or are just cruise curious, there’s no denying cruising is on trend.

As a means of checking out several destinations in one trip, a cruise holiday is going to be hard to beat. With other benefits including great food and service, entertainment and talks by experts, exciting expeditions, and the ability to move from one place to the next without having to repack, it’s no surprise that cruising is all the rage. We’ve scoured the internet to select our top picks for high jinks on the high seas. Here are the five cruises we want to book right now.

Woman on a Cruise in Cyprus

Northern Lights Cruise

Experts are predicting that 2024 will be the best year in over a decade to see the Northern Lights. What better way to see them than at sea, where there’s no light pollution to dull the colours? And being on a cruise means that you can sail clear of any cloud cover.

Way to go: There are plenty of options to choose from: P&O Cruises, Fred Olsen and Cunard offer sailings to Norway and the Arctic Circle from UK ports, with cruises from Southampton, Portsmouth, and Newcastle. Expedition ships including Ocean Adventurer (Quark Expeditions) and Greg Mortimer (Aurora Expeditions) offer smaller vessels with trips that might cost more but get further off the beaten path. Norwegian cruise specialist Hurtigruten ticks all the boxes, even offering a Northern Lights guarantee. Or opt for sustainable sailing with Havila Voyages, whose environmentally friendly, battery-powered ships sail in silence. Kick back and observe the sky through the glass ceiling of the observation lounge.

What to see and do: A Northern Lights cruise isn’t just about chasing the aurora borealis. Seize the opportunity to enjoy amazing Arctic adventures, from mountain climbing and kayaking along a fjord to snowmobiling, husky sledding and even visiting an Ice Hotel.

Northern Lights Cruise

Antarctica Cruise

An Antarctica cruise is high on our wish list. Although polar exploration doesn’t come cheap, with a Scenic Eclipse cruise (as seen on Cruising with Susan Calman) costing upwards of £13k per person. Described as all-inclusive ultra luxury, this truly is a trip of a lifetime. With twenty experts to just 200 passengers, experiences are guaranteed to be out of this world.

Way to go: More affordable options are available with Hurtigruten and Quark Expeditions, which offer excursions including Alpine Heli-trekking, paddling, and a Polar Plunge from the side of Zodiac. Not for the fainthearted.

What to see and do: The incredible natural beauty of Antarctica would definitely inspire us to break into the piggy bank and set sail. From encountering plentiful penguins in the Falkland Islands to spotting Leopard seals, albatross, orcas, killer whales, icebergs, and glaciers.

Cruises in Antarctica with penguins

Scottish Highlands & Islands Cruise

Demand for cruises in the British Isles went up by 33 per cent in 2023, a post-pandemic trend that’s set to continue. A cruise along the West Coast of Scotland is a fantastic island-hopping option for wildlife lovers and hikers.

Way to go: Majestic Line offers itineraries from three to ten nights, with five small cruise ships accommodating from six to twelve guests.

What to see and do: Take in some of Scotland's iconic islands where you can go ashore for walking, wildlife spotting and whisky tasting.

A cruise around the Scottish Highlands and Islands

Portugal River Cruise

Cruising doesn’t have to just be about life on the ocean wave and there are numerous river cruise destinations to choose from. For sunny skies and full immersion in local tipples, steer a course for Portugal's Douro Valley, home to the Douro Wine Region. A World Heritage Site, this is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.

Way to go: An itinerary with Viking Cruises takes in Porto's historic centre where the tour starts and ends as well as baroque cathedrals, hilltop fortresses and dramatic rock formations and vineyards along the way.

What to see and do: From learning about the wine-making process to sampling local olive oil, cheese and sausage, a Douro River cruise is ideal for foodies.

Portuguese Cruise with fireworks celebrations

Christmas Cruise 2024

What better way to get into the festive spirit than with a Christmas cruise? A voyage along the Rhine is just the ticket, visiting Germany’s magical yuletide markets.

Way to go: Cruise companies including Riviera and Newmarket offer trips sailing south through the UNESCO-listed Rhine Gorge from Cologne. There are cruises along the Danube and Seine too.

What to see and do: Popular ports to add to your itinerary include Vienna, where Weinachtspunsch can be enjoyed, a spiked, spiced Christmas punch. Other consumables to tick off on a Christmas cruise include pretzels, pastries, and gluhwein. Cheers! As well as soaking up the Christmas vibes, this is a great opportunity to snap up unusual gifts too. 

Christmas Cruise Trips

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