El Camino Bracelets Dividers

Introducing our new Dividers

At El Camino we’re all about celebrating travel and adventure, right? So, what happens when people the world over stop travelling? If there’s one thing this year has made us realise, it’s how fragile all our plans are. How important it is to be grounded in the here and now. Whilst also celebrating our past adventures and dreaming about the journeys ahead.

El Camino Bracelets Roadtrip

What lockdown gave us was time and space to think. Tom and I had often talked about introducing a series of dividers into the El Camino range, a way to organise your travels. To separate where you’ve been from where you want to go, a way of ticking places off the list once you’ve achieved your goals. Then lockdown happened. And we started talking in earnest about ways to inspire people who had no choice but to sit still. We all appreciated the freedom of our past travels even more, felt grateful for where we have lived and live now, craved the promise of future trips.

And so, our range of new dividers was born. These simple, directional arrows complete the missing part of our El Camino stories, a way to personalise your bracelet even more:

El Camino Bracelets Dividers

The joy of the dividers is that nothing remains static. Steps can move from a bucket list to a reality.

Of the three, introducing the Where I’ve Lived divider was a big deal for us. The more we talked around the idea, the more both Tom and I realised how many places we’ve called home. It’s a big part of who we are, and what El Camino is. From Canada to Cornwall, Morzine to Ibiza and Barcelona…we’ve left a little part of ourselves in each of these places we’ve been lucky enough to live in.

Ibiza Sunset

Suggestions for how the dividers can be used

Where I’ve Been

Use these as a way to keep on celebrating and appreciating past travels, places you’ve already experienced, where memories have been made.

Where I’ve Lived

These can be used to mark places that hold a special place in your heart, where you’ve spent a lot of time. Places where you’ve lived will hold a whole different stash of memories to somewhere you’ve experienced briefly as a tourist. A piece of you may still be there.

Where I’m Going

A marker to help us all keep dreaming of future travels, even when we’re going nowhere right now. This could include bucket list trips or why not gift this divider to someone special as a promise of future travel? Or use it to set future goals: mark a marathon you plan to run, a mountain you want to climb or an ocean you want to dive.

We hope you’re loving the new Dividers Collection, they’ve been a long time in the making.

El Camino Bracelets Dividers on Bracelet

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